Stand up

What if

stand up 2








What if the world stopped spinning

If everything stood still

If the birds fell from the skies

If the rivers stopped flowing

and the trees stayed bare in spring

What if all of humanity was fooled

into making itself small

So small

So small we forget

We forget that we are one

We are one with God

We are one with our neighbours and fellows far away

We are…

What would the world look like?

If every single good thing

was erased

If all hope was taken from us

If evil roamed this planet

What would this world be like?

Look around you

Do not turn a blind eye

to inconvenient truths

Do not look away

or pretend evil equals good or God

There is love

There is light

There is life

There is still hope

But, Act

Do something that makes a difference

however small that might be

Do not give up

This is a message of hope

There is a God, watching over us

Although we might feel He looks away

That he pretends evil isn’t after our children

That he does not see us

Or care

He is there

Holding all of us

in a firm loving hug

knowing that we are infinitely powerful

And always have been

Always will be

We are being tested



And again

We will survive and prosper

He knows

Do you?

But, act!

Hold the love

Hold the light

Hold it all in your heart

That’s where we truly live

But, act as well

This worls needs you

Right now

Men, stand up

Protect the women, children and elderly

Evil doesn’t care

if you haven’t got the time

or the courage to stand up

Please, stand up

Women, stand up

Support your family and friends

Support your community

Protect and nourish what you love

Healers, stand up

Give freely of what you have to offer to the world


Use your gifts and do it openly

Stop hiding

It is time

The time is NOW

Stand up, you are needed


stand up